Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What you need to know about your runners - with Greg Cooper of The Althetes Foot, Bondi Junction

ü        If you have been to any Body Beyond Baby group exercise session lately you have probably heard my broken record talk about the importance of making sure your runners are up to date - not just for the sake of fashion but for the sake of your feet and whole skeletal system.  I recently met with Greg from The Athletes Foot in Bondi Junction to discuss this important topic, here is my Q&;A with Greg:

      What are the most important things we need to know about our runners?

      Here are my top three tips:

There are 3 types of shoes (for 3 different foot types) – Rolling-in / Rolling-out / Neutral.  If you haven't been properly fitted there is a good chance you got the wrong shoe for your foot type.

Runners typically last for 1,000 km before they begin to break down. The cushioning begins to show crease lines and the mesh upper becomes mushy. As a general rule, somebody wearing trainers 2-3 times per week should replace their trainers once a year and more often if you are training more.

The older your runners get, the more shock starts to travel up through your legs, in many cases leading to niggles.  Also, the top part of the shoe fails to support your feet.  Essentially, old shoes are like cheap shoes and you are more susceptible to discomfort or injury.

I heard that feet can change during pregnancy, is this true?

During pregnancy, a build-up of fluid and softening of ligaments in the feet can cause the feet to grow bigger. and the additional weight carried during pregnancy also flattens the arch. Feet will generally become smaller after pregnancy but quite often feet may not return to their pre-natal size. So yes, your shoe size can increase but normally only by a half size or so.

You fit shoes in store - why would you say this is the best option and what are the benefits of having our shoes fitted in store at The Athletes Foot?
You will receive one on one service from our highly trained staff, your footwear needs will be properly assessed and the right shoe provided.  We also have a FIT Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied you can return of change the shoes within 30 days. (I like this bit - you can wear them, try them and tale them back if they are not right!)

The Athletes foot is located at Shop 2040 in Westfield Bondi Junction


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