Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What do our Mums and Bubs groups exercise sessions look like?

We are continually developing our sessions to bring you variety and to challenge you to reach the next level whilst ensuring we deliver the best and safest possible exercises to help you re-build your body and reach new heights after having your baby.  We focus on the what you CAN do along with working with you to ensure we are giving you as individual a session as possible within our friendly and caring yet dynamic group environment. 

We have recently introduced this new 'Pipes' session to our mums and bubs group exercise classes - using pipes filled with water for resistance and stability (as the water swishes around) - we had great fun yesterday morning - here are a few pics.

Our favorite fit and fabulous grandmother "Nikki" - her daughter (and granddaughter) come to BBB too

If you would like to come and try a Body Beyond Baby session for yourself March is 'send a friend on us' month so we would like to

and invite you to your first session 'on us' Click here to check our session times or send us an email to ask us any questions or to book your place...... you can also bring a friend to have some fun with you too - see you in the park soon!

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