Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caroline - Find Your Summer Body Week 5

I enjoyed my training this week...  I think the reason being the diversity.  Jen introduced us to ‘the pipes’ on Tuesday and although it was tough, it was great to be doing something very, very different.  I didn’t think it was possible to run the oval  with the pipe high above my head  but I did surprise  myself.  To those around, we must have looked as if we were charging into battle...

Now if anyone thought training with Amy would be easier (she’s so friendly and kind...!!!), you’re wrong.  Wednesday was tough.  We were a small group and as a reward for finishing before time, Amy pushed us through an additional set.  Phew.  I also did an extra session this week to make up for my  holiday next week and we must have run the oval 7 or 8 times in-between working in pairs to complete our session.  The push ups were a killer, why do I still find them so hard?

I got up a wee bit earlier on Saturday to eat breakfast before training and it made such a difference to my energy level.  I finished training feeling energised, rather than exhausted so I did the same on Sunday.  The stairs were challenging as always but I smashed my last recorded time by 2 ½ minutes and did an extra lap.  I was the last to finish and really appreciated Sarah's friendly face coming down to escort me back  to the top for the final time.  It made me feel part of something positive, rather than feeling embarrassed being the slowest in the group.

Even more challenging on Sunday was The Spot festival.  So much good food and drink to consume and no relief from the yummy smells of thai and  paella.  I have never been and it really was a lovely event.  Hazel loved all the hustle and bustle,  the dancers and drummers.  And I managed to avoid  (most) temptation... well cider is fruit isn’t it???

So did I mention my holiday already (hehe!)?  I’m off for a week in the Cook Islands to be  bridesmaid at a mates wedding.  Timing wise, it sucks the wedding is during the challenge but I  guess it’s down to me to make some good choices.  My intentions are good.  I’m taking my trainers, a resistance elastic and a do-at-home session.  But there’s always a hammock close by...

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