Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Here we are a little over 20 weeks into the pregnancy and four weeks into the FYSBC 2. In the second week of the challenge I joined the ladies at the coogee steps. I tailed behind the group as to not get in their way. When it came time to start climbing up the stairs I took it slow and easy with lots of breaks in between. Despite being one of the last ones to finish I was quite pleased that I completed three laps.

A week ago we did uphill runs. For me of course it was more of an uphill fast walk. As my belly grows it gets more awkward to jog so I’ll have to say goodbye to the jog and hello to the funny fast waddle. Considering that I’m drinking a tone of water lately (slight exaggeration) It’s much kinder on the bladder!
Jen and Amy have introduced the weight vest and medicine balls into the sessions. Although I can’t use the vest yet I have been having lots of fun with the medicine balls.  It reminds me of high school P.E class and feel as though we are about to break out into a game of tunnel ball.  In reality it’s a harder work out that requires a bit of concentration and more importantly for me to balance.  Jen and Amy are always making sure I am working to the correct intensity and that what I am doing feels right and is performed correctly and also that my heart rate isn't too high.

Overall I feel that I’m in a better place physically than I was with my first pregnancy. Admittedly it is getting harder to find the energy and some things can feel awkward.  However I feel so much better after each session and as long as I just do what I can my mind and body are happy.

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