Saturday, March 3, 2012

FYSB2 - 8 Week Challenge - Half way mark Measurement

It's always really important to know where you have started - at the beginning of every challenge we take various measurements so that we can track changes.  Along with weight we look at various measurements and skin folds.  The reason for this is that you cannot look at the number on the scales to know what is going on on the inside of your body.  Although many of you would definitely like to see the number on the scales go down we can sometimes see a change in body composition (the amount of muscles vs fat) prior to overall body weight decreasing as you drop body fat and gain lean muscle.  I completely understand that it can be disheartening when you are not seeing a change on the scales but when you see cm's dropping from your measurements or mm's dropping from your skin folds then you see that all of your hard work is getting you somewhere.  AND you are putting on lean muscles whilst dropping fat - THAT is EXCITING and exactly what we want to happen!

Doing initial measurements and a check in can also be a little wake up call if you haven't quite managed to commit to your goals and take the action required to achieve them.  Have you been slacking off on your diet or skipping training sessions?  Or do we need to tweak your diet or training in order to gain momentum and see more results?  The only way to ensure this journey works and you gain the best possible results is to be completely true to yourself and commit to the process of achieving a fitter and healthier you. 

Here are the results from those that checked in this morning (I've included progressions from the start of FYSB1 for those that did that also). We have made some great progress already - keep it up!

A couple of people to single out for fantastic progress so far:

Caroline is on fire and has lost 3.4kg  and 6.5mm
Cath has lost an awesome 3kg and 7cm from around her waist
Pam has lost a fantastic 6.3cm from around her waist and 12mm from her abdominal skin fold
Debbie and Angela have both cracked the -10kg mark since the beginning of FYSB1 (with a Christmas break in the middle) so are doing absolutely amazingly!
Debbie has also lost a huge 20cm from around her waist from the start of FYSB1

Check out the rest below:

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