Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caroline - Find Your Summer Body Week 6 & 7

We are all very nearly there... final week of the challenge and I’m focused.  It seams easier to give my all as I can see the finishing line.  Or am I kidding myself again.  Am I really just trying to make-up for a week of bad choices whilst on holiday??!!
My good intentions we’re sadly misguided.  Whilst on holiday, I tried to dodge the carbs and moderate the treats but in reality, I put the challenge ‘on hold’.  I didn’t manage to put on my trainers and pull on my elastic at all.  This is  totally defendable, but what scares me is how I will behave once the challenge is over.  Will I go back to eating and drinking the wrong things on a daily basis?  If I can take something good from the holiday (other than the amazing wedding, snorkeling, sunshine and relaxation!!), it will be that I have worked  hard for 8 weeks to change some bad habits, not just to drop a load of weight and improve muscle tone. 
Back into training this week was better than I thought.  Sure, I found t a little harder than before I went away but I had a couple of good sessions.  We did the pipes again with Amy on Wednesday and the hill with Jen on Friday.  As we were unable to train on the usual hill, we used the hill just behind the trees where we train in the damp.  Having done the hill before, I found the ‘smaller’ hill a little more forgiving.  And was certainly spurred on by Jen’s call “Move it Caroline. I’m sure there was cake eaten while you were away!”  She was right, cake was eaten so I moved it a little bit faster!
Sunday was a tricky session (the steps always are!).  Hazel has woken at 1.30 and stayed awake til after 3.  Both of us had a slight tummy bug and I felt terrible before I’d even  started my first lap.  Fairly determined to make the most of the early morning, I managed 5 laps but didn’t  match my best time.  I have however made a promise to myself that I will continue with the steps after the BBB sessions finish until I reach my goal weight. 
I’m excited about Saturday’s measure and fitness test.  I feel I deserve some great results, and truly hope my hard work will be reflected in the numbers.  We will see!

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