Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing - Body Beyond Baby Advanced

We have a number of Body Beyond Baby women that have now been training with us for sometime, who have spent time and effort re-building their bodies from the inside out and are now ready to compliment their training in the park with our next level of training.  This newly created training program is jam packed with all of the exercises that I know will increase your fitness, increase your toning and take your core strength to the next level. 

After practicing on myself for the last 12 months and taking the time to increase my knowledge with some of the best core, posture and full body exercises that will push you and force your body to change for the better.  I will be introducing you to the TRX, ultimate instrument, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, rings and much much more.  In focused groups of up to 6 we will take the time to learn correct technique to ensure you are getting the best possible results from your workouts.
If you have any questions at all or to book in for your complimentary trial session please email me at or call me on 0402 728047

Here are a couple of videos that include just a sample of some of the exercise you will be performing or working towards - can't wait to get you started!

Session times: 9.15am Thursday's commencing Thursday 29th March
Location: Energise Health Management, Ebely Street, Bondi Junction (above RTA)
Class size: up to 6 people to ensure maximum attention can be given to each person
Cost: $50 per session - 1st session complimentary
Nannies: we may provide a nanny service depending upon how many mus would like to bring their child - children will be in the same room
·         You must have NO abdominal separation
·         You have a fully functioning, strong pelvic floor
·         Have been participating in either Body Beyond Baby group training sessions OR another exercise program
·         Be a minimum of 6 months postnatal
·         Individual cases will be assessed for suitability and may be asked to attend a pelvic floor and TA assessment

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