Monday, March 26, 2012

Body Beyond Baby Team Events

We have got the ball rolling on a few events for 2012 so I thought I'd put them all in one place so you can check out for yourself what we are doing and then jump on board with whichever ones suit you.  I'd encourage you to give at least one event a go this year, join your BBB team mates, have fun, train hard and accomplish something this year that you possible never thought you would.  Of course friends and non BBB mummy's are welcome to join our teams too.

Nike She Runs The Night - May 3rd - Centennial Park

 Join us to reclaim the night and run 13km's around a lit up Centennial Park

A great starting distance for most this is an all female event and no doubt will be lots of fun.

We will be doing a couple of training runs on Sunday 22nd and 29th April in preparation.

For more details and to sign up go here

SMH Half Marathon - Running for Premature Babies  - May 20th

 Body Beyond Baby mum Sophie Smith gathers a team and runs the SMH Half Marathon every year in memory of her triplets Henry, Jasper and Evan - if you've ever thought of running a half marathon this is a great one to enter and it's not too late to join Sophie's team.

Sophie organises training runs every second Sunday and would love for you to join her. 

For more details go here

Tough Bloke Challenge - Sunday 1st July

No princesses here!  I already know there are lot's of Tough Mother's amongst us so let's conquer this one!  We will enter a team on Sunday 1st July to run, swing and climb over and under anything that is thrown at us.  I am sure this will be a whole lot of fun and with a course of 6km's this one is achievable for pretty much all of us - who's in!!!

This event is on Saturday and Sunday but we will do SUNDAY1st July and I have registered for the 10.30am start wave

For more details and to register go here

We may look at doing some other events in the second half of 2012 but this should keep you going for now - the only thing to do next is to decide which one is for you!

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