Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tough Bloke Challenge Training Week 2

Well done to this mornings Tough Mums - we hit the studio again due to the rain and our 9am Pelvic Floor and Core workshop which meant I couldn't arrive looking like a drowned rat! Next week we are outside regardless - rain hail or shine.

Here was this mornings session:

Complete each exercise of the circuit  for 30" x 3 sets

Circuit 1

1. Monkey's along the bar
2. Burpee DB Press
3. Side to side mountain climbers
4. Rope climb
5. Swiss ball (or box) under overs
6. Inch worm push ups
7. Stairs

Run around the block twice

Circuit 2

1. Rope knee to elbows
2. Rings dips
3. Roll ups
4. Chin ups
5.TRX jack knife
6. Box jumps (on then over OR over both)
7. Stairs

Run around the block twice

Prone walking (up, up, down, down) x 5 each arm
Alternative side prones  x 5 each side

And here are a few of our Tough Mums in action

Please note - ALL of these mums have been training with Body Beyond Baby for some time - we have taken the time to re-build from the inside out and to prepare them for this type of more advanced training.  Please remember to ensure you look after yourself with your own training, gain the correct advice and instruction in your postnatal period - train to the weakest link.  Ensure you build a solid foundation and you could very well end up fitter and stronger than you were prior to having your baby.
If you have any questions or would like to know more about Body Beyond Baby (or feel you are ready to join our Tough Mum team) please don't hesitate to be in touch - you can email me here
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