Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Final Tough Bloke Challenge training

Sunday saw our final Tough Bloke Challenge training session - 90mins covered three locations, there was sand, scratches and stairs!!!


5 x soft sand sprints
Spider man push-ups in the sand
run back up beach
x 3

Hanging knee to elbows x 10
Run down to water and back
x 3

Commando sand crawl
run up beach
x 3

Help each other to climb over high wall

Run to Park

Climb spiders web forward and backwards
run around park, over walls etc

Rows x 10
Wall jumps x 10
Inch worm push ups x 10
Negative pull ups x 10
x 3


Steps/run loop x 3
steps/hill sprints/climb wall/monkey crawl up hill circuit x 3


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