Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shelley - Watch Your Winter Waistline Week 2

It's the end of week two and my body is protesting, with old injuries and new competing to hold me back.  I've had dodgy knees almost since the birth of my son, but apparently I can now add crappy feet to my  catalog of woes. I first noticed pain in my left foot when training  for City2Surf last year but because the discomfort only occurred after  about 10km, I forgot about it – but with my recent increase in activity, the pain is now kicking in after only about 30 minutes work.  So, off the podiatrist I shuffled this morning to be told that my feet are a wreck. Naturally pretty terrible (though she put a lot more diplomatically – hyper extension or something like that), my feet have essentially flattened with pregnancy and every move is putting pressure where it shouldn't, causing pain in my left foot and calf.  She also speculated that I might have a fracture in my toes and/or lingering damage from a broken ankle five years ago. Sigh. My body is  a train wreck.  I'm having x-rays and an ultrasound this week and in the meantime I've been banned from running.

So, what now? It's hard to imagine meeting my weight loss goal without the intensive cardio I'm used to, but I'm forced to get creative. I have the green light for walking, so I'll be doing lots of that. I can  do the steps at a walking pace (not that different from the usual, anyway). I'm also going to try a Bikram yoga class tomorrow, which should have the added benefit of stretching out all the super tight muscles in my legs that are contributing to all my injuries. It's frustrating to be injured this early in the challenge, but I'm determine not to throw in the towel.

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