Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Introducing Shelley

I would like to introduce you to the first of our Watch your Winter Waistline - 12 Week Comfort Buster mums that will be blogging for us and sharing their journey along the way.  For one reason or another these mums have decided that the extra accountability gained from sharing their experience will assist them both in staying on track, achieving their goals AND help you with your own motivation - show you that you are not alone and that you CAN achieve your health and fitness goals.  We are all mums, we are all limited in our time (and often energy) but we can all make the decision to commit to ourselves.

Shelley has been training with Body Beyond Baby for around 12 months now and has been a steady presence at her sessions during this time - she is now ready to really hit it hard and make some changes in her life and regain her pre baby fitness level and jeans!  Meet Shelley:

"Looking down the barrel of a 12-week challenge, I'm super excited – and apprehensive, yes, but mostly excited at starting on the journey to regain my body, 18 months after the birth of my son, Charlie. When I was pregnant, I loved the way my body was expanding around the little person growing inside me; post-birth, I happily accepted my bulgy, saggy bits as the price of new motherhood.  But now my shape has less to do with my lovely son and more to do with my love of carbs, those faithless friends who fueled me through a year of sleepless nights but stole my waistline in return.  Aside from weight loss, my goals include getting fit enough to run the City2Surf and to hopefully beat my time from last year.  Having trained with Jen and Amy for a year now, I feel stronger than I ever have before, but I'm sure I can get stronger, fitter and faster over the next 12 weeks.  I have no doubt there will be challenges along the way – dodgy knees, looming deadlines, winter sniffles and a demanding toddler – but I'm relying on Jen, Amy and the other mums to keep me honest and focused so I can come out the other end more comfortable in my skin – not to mention my jeans!"

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