Monday, November 3, 2008

Planning planning

How's your weekend? My world has been turned a little upside down by my husband disappearing off to Queensland to work for a few weeks. This may be a normal situation for some but I always find it particularly challenging, its the first time he has gone since Marley's birth so its a little new and I have some organising to do in order to keep my life going while he is away.

Top of my list is figuring out how to keep my food and exercise on track. I took a trip into Randwick to by groceries today, we walked there as although cloudy it wasn't raining. I managed to do just over half of my shopping, when having visited the green grocers first I discovered I was rapidly running out of space on Marley's pram to carry everything home. A quick and very select whip around the supermarket saw a very weighed down Mountain Buggy making its way back home. Three trips up and down the stairs with a crying baby unhappily but safely in his cot and four hours later saw me finally move the bags from the lounge room to the kitchen pack away their contents - phew! I have since decided I am going to leap into the world of home shopping, first on my list is to find a fruit and vegetable box to be delivered to my door and then I will do the dry goods and loo roll (which, by the way, I forgot!!!) from a supermarket chain all from the comfort of my own home - I'll let you know how I go.

Next - I have started to plan my meals for the week. As I didn't quite manage to complete my shopping so I have a few ingredients missing but the eggs have been hard boiled ready to grab at my convenience, the celery has been chopped and stored in water in the fridge to keep it fresh and other veggies have been chopped and put in little containers to ensure their easy access. I have bought a pumpkin which I am going to 'whole roast' in the oven and then make a roast pumpkin dip out of (I will share the recipe with you once I have perfected it). My biggest challenge is going to be my evening meal, you see I have a wonderful husband who generally takes care of ensuring I have a healthy and yummy meal waiting for me by the time I have put Marley to bed. Now I am challenged with providing myself with the same and at a reasonable hour - again I'll let you know how I go.

Training - I will manage to squeeze in a run tomorrow following my Mum's and bubs group session in the park as Marley's grand parents are in town and love to hang out with him. Tuesday my lovely friend will take Marley for a walk while I hit the gym. I'm thinking Wednesday will be another run around the park but this time with Marley in his pram along for the ride. Thursday I am doing a baby swap with another friend (I am looking after hers on Tuesday arvo so she can head out for a run) . Friday I may have to introduce Marley to the creche at my local gym. Saturday and Sunday are yet to be figured out, one will be a rest day and the other??? I have the week to figure it out!

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