Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breakfast and snacks

I was out of my usual breakfast mixture this morning so I attempted to make an oatmeal concoction that didn't quiet work out, I'll try again and let you know a good recipe when I discover it. I was compelled to use oats for breakfast as they are a fantastic breakfast choice they are loaded with soluble fiber which is helpful in controlling blood sugar and reducing cholesterol levels. A bowl of oats contains half the recommended fiber intake per day, which is handy when you consider that most people aren't consuming enough fiber in their diets, its a quick easy solution. And eating it for breakfast is really cool, you will feel full and satisfied, your blood sugar levels will stay steady therefore insulin levels stay steady and you reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Add a good source of protein and you're all done - the perfect start to the day.

Whether you go for oats or not be sure to ditch the sugar loaded cereal that graces many a breakfast table. Most of these colourful packets fool us with their low fat or high protein labels making them sound like a fantastic breakfast choice. However, when you look at the nutritional contents table you find they are loaded with sugar which is why they taste good and why we, and our children love them. Eating sugar like this for breakfast will not keep you fuller for longer and it will not give you the best possible start to your day. You will soon be hungry and reaching for a snack.

Speaking of snacks. Make sure you have great healthy snacks on hand. If you are at home this is easy so long as you haven't stacked you cupboards with chips and chocolate. I don't buy it as I know if its there I will eat it. It doesn't matter where it is hidden if I know its there it is gone, especially now I am spending more time about the house. Do yourself a favor and remove the temptation, it makes life so much easier. I know I instantly feel great when I remove high sugar products from my diet. I will often wake in the night with a "hangover" feeling after my Friday night chocolate night as it is such an overload on my system. Maybe that's telling me something that I should be listening to! Could I really give up chocolate night???

I have taken to carrying a small cooler bag when I'm out and about containing snacks and mini meals. This way I don't get stranded with no choice of healthy foods to eat. I am used to taking excess baggage for Marley now, another item doesn't worry me, besides its good practice for when he starts on solids and I need to carry his food around. As parents we wouldn't dream of feeding our children rubbish because we hadn't thought about it before we left the house. We want what is best for them so why should it be any different for our own nutritional maintenance?

The contents of my cooler can consist of;

Hard boiled eggs
left over smoothie
Hummus and corn thins
Protein bar
Cottage cheese
Low Fat, low sugar yogurt

I don't eat meat and am very picky with fish (I like fish that doesn't taste fishy - and tea that doesn't taste like tea?!?! go figure) but for anyone who does (and I often wish I did for convenience of a healthy snack) but tins of tuna (in spring water) chicken, turkey and lean ham make great snacks.

Happy snacking!!!

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