Monday, November 10, 2008

There is a light at the end of the tunnel

I'm finally off to Body Composition tomorrow, wow it has taken me a long time to get myself there. You know how life seems to keep going and there's a million and one things you 'intended' to do 'yesterday' and now its today or even tomorrow and yesterdays thing still hasn't been done. I often feel that way, there are no where near enough hours in the day especially when there is now a little person in my life who loves my undivided attention. We do seem to have mastered the afternoon sleep these days so I know I have at least a couple of hours to put my head down and get stuff done - but which stuff I ask? today's? yesterdays? phew!

You know the other thing that can seem like its taking forever even though you have all the best intentions? Diet and exercise. There, I said it. Its hard work to begin with and its on your mind constantly and you know what you should be doing but for some reason, some strange reason when your whole mind is telling you to do one thing you actually do another. And when you are doing what you should be doing your mind thinks of nothing else but the yummy handmade chocolates at the chocolate counter (or whatever your chosen poison is). For me the exercise is the easy bit, I can get myself there and can make arrangements and make it happen because I have the drive to make it happen. I will go out of my way to exercise and to plan it into my day, I enjoy it and I feel great. I also enjoy chocolate. My diet in general is good but my sweet tooth and the craving for chocolate does my head in. I've thought about getting hypnotised so that I don't like it anymore but I like it so much that I don't want to not like it even though I know my life would be so much easier at times!

I can honestly tell you that it is only this week that my mind has halted its constant talk of chocolate and when I should have it and when I shouldn't have it and what chocolate I feel like and how MUCH I feel like and one more piece won't hurt and..............believe me it goes on.........and on...................and on................... or it did. I now feel like I am coming out the other side. Like you do that time and then finally the constant battle becomes a little niggle which becomes a little whisper that you can pretty much ignore and it is no longer all consuming and oh such a relief. I don't feel like I am hanging out for Friday night (those of you who have been reading regularly will know that Friday night is chocolate night). Now maybe I can take it or leave it or at least take it then forget about it for the next 6 days, that feels good. I'm not surprised really, I spent almost the whole 9 months of my pregnancy totally easing up on myself and allowing myself those extra little treats - all THAT hard work takes some hard work of its own to undo.

And so I urge you to do the same, wait it out, you will get there. Whether its food, exercise or some other challenge. Some days it will be painful and you will crack but that's OK, just pick up where you left off tomorrow and keep headed in the direction you want to go in. There is a light at the end of the tunnel - come and join me in it.

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