Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who are you???

Its been a slightly stressful couple of days - our computer decided it would stop working a couple of days ago - hence no word from me on here, I do apologise and I haven't forgotten about you. In fact when you can't do something I think you think about it even more. I learned a big lesson in backing up my files especially when my whole business is on here!!! My husband and I (and a sleeping baby) did however have a lovely lunch in the sun as we had no computer so neither of us could do any work - there's a good side to everything right?!

I've been thinking - I'd like to know who you are, are you reading my blog and enjoying it? Do you find it interesting and useful? Do you have comments or questions about things I have written about or do you have topics you would like to know more about?

In the side bar on the left hand side there is a followers option - it would be great if you could click on and add yourself to the list.

Then if you do have any questions or comments feel free to click on the comments option at the end of each post or to email me at (hopefully my email will be up and running again by tomorrow - if only I could remember that dam password) and I'll do my best to get back to you and answer all your queries. As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach I know there are many things that can be confusing when it comes to health, fitness and nutrition and I can guarantee, if you are wondering it someone else is wondering too and they will be very grateful to you for getting in there first, so don't be shy.

And my exercise for today - a friend of mine (who's baby is a day older than Marley) and I took the opportunity while our husbands were home to leave the boys with the boys, head down to Coogee and do the coastal path towards Bondi. Since we've been running Centennial Park with the prams it was an awesome workout to add in those hills!!!! So next time your hubby, partner or friend is home take advantage, feed your little one, make sure they are happy, throw on your sports bra and runners and use that time for you. Get back on track - a good run or brisk walk will only take you 30-40 minutes door to door and you know how good will you feel afterward.

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