Friday, October 3, 2008

Core Issues

My morning run brought on so many more ideas and topics that I want to bring up. So today I am talking 'Core Issues'.

Training the core is very important for all people of all ages. Especially for women who have had babies, our abdominal muscles have been through so much and we really have to consciously re-train ourselves to 'switch on' these muscles which have often become quite relaxed during pregnancy.

When we talk about core conditioning there are two different muscular systems at work. These are referred to as your ‘inner unit’, consisting of the Transverse Abdominal's, Diaphragm, Multifidus and Pelvic floor. These are deep abdominal muscles and are very important to core stability and function.

Your ‘outer unit’ are all the prime movers of your skeletal system. It is essential to get your inner unit working well before you embark upon a more advanced conditioning program. If you wobble on the inside it is only a matter of time before you become off balance and the outside crumbles leaving you prone to injury and poor performance.

To prevent injury develop a base and concentrate on building a functional inner unit. This unit protects the spine and protecting the spine is essential. A strong inner unit will improve your ability to respond to everyday situations such as picking up dropped keys to putting your baby down in his cot.

The best way to start working your core is using the “drawing-in maneuver”. It’s as simple as pulling your navel in toward your spine. Focus also on the region just below the navel, pull this in and draw up your Pelvic Floor.

You should do this all day long. In your computer chair at work, while you’re out & about running errands & most definitely during every single exercise. This maneuver activates your core, not only making it stronger, but stabilizing your body helping to prevent injury to your spine.

If your abs are strong from the inside, the outer muscles, the Rectus Abdominals, will work more efficiently. Then you’ll be on your way to a kick butt set of abs that you’ll want to show off.
Can't wait to see yours!!!

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