Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My frustrating perfect example

Welcoming in the beginning of week number four of my journey saw me paying a visit to Jarrod at Body Composition – I was quiet excited on my way in, my jeans are feeling loser and I was sure I had lost a significant amount of weight! Well, I was in for a rude shock or an interesting discovery. My new results look like this:

Current as at 8th October 2008

Total Body Weight 57.7kg
Body Fat 26.4%
Fat Mass 15.2kg
Lean Body Mass 42.5kg

September 17th 2008

Total Body Weight 58.6kg
Body Fat 27.2%
Fat Mass 15.9kg
Lean Body Mass 42.7kg

Goal to achieve by 13th December 2008

Total body weight ??????
Body Fat 20%
Fat Mass 10kg
Lean body mass 42.7kg or above

So……. Here we can see that I have dropped just 1.2% of body fat (at least I didn’t go the opposite way!!), My fat mass has reduced by just 7oog and I have committed the cardinal sin of losing Lean body mass, ok its only 200g but that direction is one that I do not want to travel in.

When looking into the breakdown of my scan further I can see that I am changing shape, on a positive note I have lost 800g from my trunk region – yep those 2 kilo boobies are becoming more in control – I have dropped a cup size and feel much more comfortable. I will have enjoyed (or not at times) breasts ranging from a size 16E down to a 12B, by the time I have finished with this pregnancy and breast feeding joy – at least if I ever decided to have a boob job I would be able to pick a size based on personal experience!!!

I have however put on fat on my left arm – go figure and lost a little on my right – all that holding the baby. I have lost LBM from my trunk area and a little from both arms. But gaining in both legs.

Chatting with Jarrod we talked about interpreting these results, the training I am doing and my diet. I am training a significant amount regularly; I am doing something each day, managing 2-3 weights workouts and 3-4 cardio sessions. I may lose a training session here or there but all in all that aspect is going well.

When looking at my diet it shows that I am consuming below my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and I know I have done this previously – I have slipped back into my old eating habits of ‘not quite enough’ and my results reflect this. This also demonstrates the importance of tracking your progress and the benefits of keeping a food diary (I will touch more upon food diaries later). With these tools you cab look at what you are doing, see if it’s working and adjust if not – I am going to adjust. I am going to aim to consume around 200 extra healthy calories and see what happens – I’m now off to look at my food plan.

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