Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sleep, I need sleep!

I am exhausted!!! and a little disappointed. My planned morning run went completely out of the window and not, as you may expect, due to my little boy. This is what makes it even more frustrating. If Marley had been up all night I could have taken a step back and reasoned that it is all part and parcel of having a young baby to take care of - but it wasn't Marley, the beautiful little thing slept like an angel until 3am.

I, on the other hand, tossed and turned and snapped at my husband (for making breathing noises!! not quite sure what I expect him to do otherwise???) He did at one point get up to move to the couch - probably frustrated with my huffs and puffs and exaggerated tossing from side to side in a desperate attempt to fall into slumber knowing only too well that I only had a matter of hours until I was summoned to feed. Not to mention the monotonous clunking sound that I managed to fixate on coming from somewhere outside, despite the fact that I strained to hear its irritating beat. I told him to get back into bed and that I would sleep worse if he went to the couch - maybe not so, but I would have felt a little guilty.

I think it was 1am that I moved MY self to the couch. This change of scenery seemed to help a little especially after I dis guarded my pillow in frustration and piled all the living room cushions around me. I think I fell into one of those conscious sleeps, the type where if someone was to walk into the room and hold a conversation I would have been able to tell them to piss off as I'm trying to sleep!

3am came, my little angel called. We fed and changed and burped and burped and..... when is it they stop getting wind again???? He fell back to sleep as easily as he had woke and I dragged myself back to the couch trying to ignore the fact that it was now 4am and I planned to get up bright and early to welcome the day, my runners at the ready.......... and she's asleep - finally it came, finally I was asleep. My runners are still at the door - displaying the little glitch in my exercise diary. Right now I am again off to bed, hopefully sleep will come quickly and I'll be ready to face the world again tomorrow - hopefully I'll see you at the gym.

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