Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christa - Find Your Summer Body Week 6 & 7

I can’t believe how fast this challenge is nearing its end and how much better I feel. The weighing is still a bit scary as the scales just don’t wanna show what I want to see but in the end I guess the kilos are not as important as my overall fitness and measurements. My fitness is really improving though and that makes me very happy.

A few of us had a very interesting session with nutritionist Marieke Rodenstein. I was looking forward to her advice but thought my diet was pretty healthy anyway.   Marieke checked all our food diaries and pointed out what we should and should not be eating. She also shared healthy recipes and ideas for the little ones which was fantastic. She has a wealth of knowledge and is really passionate about food.

Another positive thing over the last two weeks was that I built up a few new muscles which definitely didn’t ‘existed’ before hand…I am really excited about that. When I started the challenge I assumed I will only be doing this for 8 weeks to get my fitness and figure back and then do my own training.  However I have already booked my sessions for after the challenge as there is still a long way to go and I just love exercising with all the other girls in the meantime.

Last Wednesday Jen launched the Bluebird Community at Lululemon and it was such a nice and interesting evening.  I, thankfully, was not affected by PND but hearing Amanda’s story or reading Virginia’s blog most certainly makes you aware that it can happen to anybody anytime.

A slight drawback is that I rolled my ankle whilst running and talking on Saturday (multitasking is obviously not one of my strengths) Thanks again to all of the girls that helped me and my apologies if I came across slightly rude - I was in shock I think. Gutted is an understatement…. anyway, I am over the self pity phase and will resume one-footed training on Tuesday. Coogee steps are out of the window but hey, thank god it happened in week 7 and not week 2!

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