Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christa - Find Your Summer Body Week 4

Half time!!!!  I can’t believe it has already been four weeks.... I am feeling so much better.  I have lost 2kg in the last two weeks which is great but  I have to admit though that I thought as soon as I started exercising again the kilos would drop off a little faster.  I can see a difference in my wardrobe and I went for a swim on the weekend in my old bikini.  I didn’t turn any heads (yet) but I don’t feel like hiding anymore either!

I also think that I am getting fitter by the week even though my body seems to be constantly sore.  I am with Cathy in regards to running, but same here, it doesn’t feel like I am dropping dead after a run around the oval anymore.  The bright red face is something I can’t seem to get rid off but I looooove the fact that I am sweating like hell.  Sorry, I know its slightly off putting but the sweat coming out of every pore feels really good…

Friday’s hill boxercise had me nearly crack and sometimes during the sessions I thought to myself "why am I doing this?"  Afterward I get my answer; the chemical reaction in my body after giving it my all is just such an amazing feeling.

Sunday’s steps are still a killer and I am actually surprised that I don’t have nightmares the night before.  But its so intense and at the same time a quick workout that really pays off and it seems we are all improving by the week.  I can be a bit competitive and thanks to Sarah I gave it my all last week.  It makes such a difference if you try to stick close to somebody - you are my hero girl, your baby is only about 14 -15 weeks and you kick my ass every time! At the moment I am improving my time due to running down the steps quicker rather than coming up faster which is a huge challenge.

I don't think I have ever been quite as determined as I am at the moment - before I was pregnant losing or maintaining weight was never really that hard..... things are different now.    I have decided to do more in terms of our ‘homework’ as it is very easy to ‘forget’ about exercising at home after doing 5 group sessions a week.  This week I actually set an alarm on two days during my babies naps time to perform my do-at-home program. No excuses anymore.

With the BBB end of challenge party in the diary and my 35th birthday just before that I am definitely going to spend some money and treat myself to a new dress…preferably in the size I was before falling pregnant and I plan to look HOT!

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