Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cathy - Find Your Summer Body Week 7 & 8

Week 7 and the jiggle is going! This week I have hit another plateau so I have amped things up by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach followed by a protein rich smoothie afterwards. I have to say, I haven't run along the beach since before I started this challenge and what used to be a struggle I can now do in my stride. It really took me by suprise and I am LOVING the feeling.

I have gained so much more confidence going out now and ordering food, before I thought if I went off the rails then it was all over for me. Not so, I just pick myself up at the next meal and off we put in a little extra effort the next day and it all seems to even out.

Week 8...we have arrived! When I look at myself in the mirror now and see my new bo I can't even imagine I let myself get into such a sloth state before. I have come such a long way in such a short space of time and I am absolutely ecstatic with the results. I haven't finished by a long shot but the goals I set for this challenge have all but been met. I am in a quiet state of shock, all the hard work paid off!

I have totally re educated myself in terms of diet with the help of Jen and Marieke and I have no desire to return to my "old self". I haven't had any processed food or sugar for 8 weeks and I am feeling full of vim and vigour!

My fitness has vastly improved and my partner can't believe the turn around I have made (and neither can I).
When I first signed up with Jen I NEVER in a million years thought I could get to the level I am at (remember in the beginning I could barely drag my sorry carcass around the oval). Now I actually LOOK FORWARD TO EXERCISING (yes, those words actually just came out of my mouth!)

These past 8 weeks have been a total re education and an overhaul of my life, it's been like an intensive boot camp and as much as I have grumbled at the process I'm glad Jen kicked me into action, I am very thankful to have found her at BBB.

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