Monday, April 5, 2010

This time a few highlights...

It's now been a week since Manel came home and it seems my brain has switched off after going at double pace for 3 weeks. I have felt a little like you do on your first week of a sleeping continuously after finally being allowed to stop. A month or so ago Jen and I set a goal for me to step up to doing 4 exercise sessions per week once Manel got back, and while I thought it'd be impossible to squeeze that much in, I have managed to do it without really thinking about it... and it's definitely been necessary this week given it's easter and there's inevitably a bit of extra chocolate eaten!

While writing my woe is me entry last week, I failed to mention a few highlights - those being that I got back to my pre-baby weight on the scales (65kgs) after getting up to 80kgs by the time Alex was ready to be born, and the other highlight being that I tried on my old jeans and they fit!! Having said that, I'm not about to go out in public in them yet as I've got used to the loose, comfy jeans, and the not-so-low waist know, the extra stretchy bit of material that all pregnancy clothes have at the waist! Anyway, despite the fact that I've got back to where I started, I wasn't particularly fit or toned, so I'm not about to stop training or eating healthily. According to the body composition scan my ideal weight is meant to be between 60.7 and 61.5kgs (specific hey!) so I'll keep going and see what happens. Aside from the changing size/weight/fat percentage benefits of exercising, it's actually helping me to stay happy, more positive, and as a result, a better mother and wife.

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