Saturday, March 27, 2010

Losing Steam...

What a week. Over the past 7 days I've gradually been getting more and more tired. Yesterday I completely crashed and had the worst day in a long time where I was just completely out of synch with the world! Thank God today is a better day. Apart from a good BBB training session on Thursday, I've only done a couple of other lame exercise sessions this week: a swim earlier in the week and a long but not very strenuous walk yesterday. I've been getting increasingly cranky each day as I lose more sleep while Manel's away, and I just generally feeling tired, run down and have horrible bags under my eyes. THANK GOD Manel is coming back tomorrow and I can get my sleep in, share the night feeding AND get back into some decent exercise again. Despite the lag in effort/ability to exercise well (although I do think I have good reason) and the occasional binge of bad food this past week (eg. having Jack twist my arm at the supermarket to buy him tiny teddies having been so well behaved, and then proceed to eat most of them myself...) I still have managed to lose another kilo. Ole! I guess single parenting burns a lot of energy!!! I admire but certainly don't envy those who have to do it full time. Bring on tomorrow and the start of a new and better week with my husband home.

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