Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet our latest inspiring mum: Biz

I would like to introduce you all to Biz, Biz attends my Body Beyond Baby group exercise sessions in Centennial Park and I had mentioned to the mums about contributing towards this blog.  Biz is mum of two and has decided to put her head down and do what it takes in order to reach her goals, juggling children included, and she has agreed to share her journey with you. 

Below Biz tells you a bit about herself......

"Ok, so Jen asked me to contribute towards the Body Beyond Baby blog, someone who's not a PT, just a regular mum so to speak...and I can definitely say I'm not a PT, nor do I find it easy to always keep motivated to exercise and eat well (like those personal trainer types apparently do!) My husband and I used to be fit people, and until only recently, still considered ourselves to be those same fit people...but one day we realised that neither of us have trained in a decent capacity for about 10 or more years...possibly since school for me.

Four and a half months ago I had my second son, Alex (I have another boy, Jack, who's now 3). During this last pregnancy I didn't feel great, and hated getting fat. Shame, I know, as some people love pregnancy...but I put it down to hormones. So, I was busting to have Alex and get back into shape again as soon as possible. The first six weeks following his birth were a killer due sleep deprivation & readjusting to full-time motherhood (as it is for everyone!). It wasn't until one day during that 6th week when I'd had enough and went for a walk along the beach that I realised what I needed to do.  

While out getting fresh air and some exercise I felt SO MUCH better and decided that I needed to schedule regular exercise into each week regardless of what else is going on in my life. I went home and told Manel (my husband) of my idea, he told me about Jen, and so I called her and started training that week.

Since starting training with Jen, I have felt a noticeable difference in how I feel physically & mentally. Although I'm not where I want to be yet, I'm doing a million times better than I did after having Jack, as all the exercise I did then was pram pushing. Now I'm training with Jen which is ensuring I'm strengthening the right muscle groups post pregnancy as well as getting fit, plus trying to fit in a swim or bike ride once or twice a week."

Biz is heading off to Body Composition this week and has agreed to share those results along with her progress with you.  Stay tuned to hear about her journey, the ups and downs and ultimately watch her progress towards and reach her goals.............. Enjoy  

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