Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exercise does help

I was going to jump on this morning to quickly write something, but ran out of time. What I was going to say was that while I wrote yesterday that I was feeling surprisingly fine, this morning I felt a WHOLE lot more exhausted. For some reason Alex wasn't sleeping too well last night, so I ended up bringing him into bed with me (at least I didn't have Jack as well this time) so my sleep wasn't overly restful. Having had almost 2 weeks of bad sleep now and zero sleep-ins, I'm TIRED! All I want to do is ignore the kids, roll over and go back to sleep - NOT to get up, feed the 2 of them, make breakfast for myself, get everyone dressed, Jack off to kindy AND to the park for BBB training by 9:15am. Aghhhhh. Well my wish doesn't match my reality so obviously I got up, got through it all, and went to training....and I feel much better and ready to get back on with the house work! Exciting! Exercise really does make my world go around and keep me energised at the moment. 10 days or so to go until Manel get back and until I can get a sleep in.....

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