Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Biz's first entry

OK so it's about time to make my first entry! What to's my week been....??

Well I met up with Jen last Friday to get a few tips on healthier eating habits, to work out a weekly exercise plan, and to go through the results from my body composition scan. The detail of information from the scan was excellent, and knowing now what my ideal body weight should be gives me an idea of where I need to get to - it doesn't seem far fetched and, knowing my body, it's definitely within my idea of normal & healthy AND achievable. Coupling that info with Jen's eating & exercising tips now gives me something tangible to work with. I'll then go for another scan in 6 weeks time to see how my body is reacting and reset goals & strategies, if necessary, according to the results.

It's actually been a great week to start focusing on changing my habits as my husband is currently away for 3 weeks for work, so there's been nobody else to think about (apart from kids of course) or tempt me into old habits!! Fitting in 3 exercise sessions around looking after the 2 kids also hasn't been as challenging as I thought, but has just required a bit of prioritising & planning in advance.

So, after almost a week of eating better (inc a proper breakfast, healthy protein snacks in between main meals etc etc) I feel great. Despite waking up between 2 and 5 times a night at the moment to feed Alex, re-wrap him, plug the dummy back in, help Jack go to the toilet and then to have him creep into my bed to sleep (wriggle about), I actually, surprisingly, feel fine! This healthier lifestyle & taking care of myself definitely has something to it as I've usually struggled A LOT when Manel's gone away in the past. Now to keeping it up...!

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