Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a week it has been.....

Well a lot has happened since we last met. Firstly I met with Jenny to discuss goal setting and how to improve my diet . Was it ironic that we met the day before the easter long weekend with the temptation of easter eggs and hot cross buns around the corner? I walked away with some great ideas from Jenny and realised that it wasn’t about dramatic changes. Some things I have implemented include portion control, aided by the purchase of digital kitchen scales, eating more snacks during the day to avoid over eating and writing down everything I eat so I can see where I am going wrong. I now sip on herbal teas instead of hot chocolates, make my own hommus dip and have substituted muesli with oats.

And what was my greatest achievement this week? Well Scott & I finally bought a home after years of looking. The day we were in the middle of negotiations I had booked in for my training session with Jenny. Yes there was that temptation to cancel but I was so proud that I didn’t. Moments before the session started I was on the phone making huge decisions with Scott that would affect our family. I then switched off my phone, trained as hard as I could and then after my hour got back to it. The exercise put me in good sted for the crazy afternoon we had finalising the house. Really there is no excuse not to exercise.

Next on my journey is to set my goals so that I have clear, achievable outcomes to work towards. At the same time I still have changes to make to my diet which I am looking forward to. Someone tell me why is white bread so evil? And finally I have to increase my exercise regime so that on the days I am not exercising with Jenny I am doing something else, and this is the part I am struggling with the most.

Finally, it has been great meeting people during the week who have told me they have read my blog, thanks!

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