Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biz's Body Composition check in

Congratulations goes to Biz on the results of her latest Body Composition Scan check out her results below:

                    Body Weight  Body Fat %       Lean Body Mass    Fat Mass     

10th March   66.8kg              31.9%                   43.3kg              21.3kg
28th April      64.6kg               29%                    43.6kg              18.7kg  

Goal             61kgish              28%            maintain or increase  decrease     

So we can see an overall 'weight' loss of 2.2kg but what we are really interested in and excited about is that Biz has managed to lose all of that weight in Body Fat and not only maintained but slightly increased her muscle mass.  By doing this Biz is speeding up her metabolism making it easier for her body to burn fat in the future.  If she had lost muscle as well as fat she would be slowing her metabolism.  It is the resistance training that Biz is doing that is ensuring she is maintaining and building that important muscle mass which requires more energy to maintain itself and in turn raises her metabolism.  This shows us how important it is that we put resistance exercise into our training regime in order to gain the best results and not only that but to build our strength as mothers given we are continually lifting and carrying things (and small people) around.  And don't forget that small people get heavier and STILL demand to be carried around.  You owe it to yourself to ensure you are fit and strong enough to manage the demands of being a mother and avoid as much injury and discomfort as possible.

We may also look at adjusting Biz's goals given she is already at 29% Body Fat and her goal was 28%

Biz is looking fantastic and is putting her all into our group exercise sessions along with doing her own training outside.  Her husband, Manel, is about to go away again for 12 weeks for work leaving her home with two children so her biggest challenge over the next couple of months is going to be how to maintain her exercise routine whilst juggling the demanding role of 'single mother' for a while.  I have no doubt that with the right plan in place she will get through this time with flying colours, continue to see results and work towards her goals.

I will be sitting down with both Biz and Alison next week to review their progress and look at where we are going from here - stay tuned for the advice they gain on how to continue to move forwards and work towards their goals.

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