Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christa - Find Your Summer Body Week 3

Three weeks of the challenge have passed and I fit into my skinny jeans again! OK, they are still more like compression tights but I can actually button them up.

The weigh in last week showed a kilo more than at the initial assessment.  Even knowing that you probably gain weight when muscles are built up, I was a little bit disappointed in myself. Training four times a week (and a hill session surely counts as double) and keeping a close eye on what I eat hasn’t done quite the trick..... yet.  Later that day though Jen texted to let me know that I lost 2.5cm of my waist and 5mm of tummy fat. That was exactly what I needed to hear and a big motivator.

The exercise sessions are still great and I finally got myself and my baby, Alex, into a routine so it doesn’t feel I have to leave the house in a rush before every session.  I pack everything the night before and I changed his napping time to right after the classes. I know it sounds a bit harsh for a 6 month old to follow my routine rather his but I do believe he will be a happier kid if I am healthy and happy with myself.  After all, I put him in the playpen with the nannies and he doesn’t even look back once (not to mention that he naps for 2-3 hours rather than half an hour after playing his heart out in the fresh air, hooraaahh)

My eating is my biggest enemy at the moment.  I definitely think about what I eat and don’t have massive portions anymore. (except last weekend after a visit to the Austrian Club where they served Austrian beer and Schnitzel hanging over the edges of the plate..... I am still paying for that)   However, after Alex is in bed the chocolate devil is haunting me and I get this sugar craving.  I am still going strong, normally satisfying it with a pack of blueberries but I am wondering if there will be a time where I don’t think, dream, smell chocolate everywhere.

In the meantime I'm really into exercising again.  My other half wanted to go away for the weekend and I instantly thought but what about the Sunday steps session?!  So, we decided to do that after the 8 weeks and I also signed up for an extra session in the Friday boxercise class.  It is officially back; the feeling of missing out on something if you are not working out….and that’s good as I still have a long way to go!


Megan said...

Congratulations on getting into your skinny jeans again! You sound really motivated so I'm sure they will fit better and better over the coming weeks. I can do up my skinny jeans too but then I have a massive muffin top, so I'm right here with you trying to shift those last few kilos. Keep up the good work!

Jen Dugard said...

Hi Megan, Thank you for your support, I will make sure Christa see your comment. It's really great to know you are following and supporting her journey.

All the best with your own journey to reach your goals.