Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stepping Up

I feel a sense of relief as I have finally completed my goals and have a clearer sense of purpose. It did take a while to refine them so they are no longer vague statements but rather clear goals with measurable outcomes. As with alot of us I want to regain my pre-baby body but I have gone deeper to realise why I want this and how I am going to go about achieving it.

On a personal level I think I have been motivated by my mother who still blames having children for the reason why she is carrying excess weight (35 years later) I just don’t want to be in the same situation as her. I do feel like we are lucky as we potentially have better access to exercise, however at the end of the day exercise in its simplest form for us can be power walking/jogging with baby in the stroller.

It was great meeting Jenny today to discuss these goals with her and get her in valuable input. We also reviewed my food diary to ensure I was eating the right foods. As I mentioned a while ago I have been writing down everything I eat to see where I am going wrong – it is amazing to see how often I have treated myself in a week. (I also write down what I spend but that is another issue for another blog).

So the road ahead is a very positive one as I have finally committed to more exercise as we discussed ideas for how to fit this in and what type of exercise is best. I can already hear my inner voice saying I will start this routine on Monday – but then I realise there is no time like the present so will start it from tomorrow fitting it around my mothers group catch up. The key being to schedule this in advance so it actually happens.

Will I be able to keep up with 6 days of exercise or as in the past will I be a slacker and take up residence on the sofa and do hand weights with my remote control? All I can say is watch this space!

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