Thursday, May 13, 2010

The juggling act

I am looking forward to meeting Jenny today to see how things are tracking. We are going to go over my diet as I have been keeping a weekly food diary. I am also keen to discuss with her how to best motivate myself with so much else going on around me, is it ok to ‘treat’ myself with bad food once a week or not at all and finally how can I add in additional exercise besides my two weekly training sessions.

Another good way to track how I am going is the body scan and I have booked in another scan for next week which is exactly 8 weeks since my last one. It’s best to have them 6-8 weeks apart and they provide a great snapshot of how things are tracking, and they only take around 10 mins to have done.

As I said to Scott this morning I just feel like I am barely staying afloat and am trying to juggle a lot at the moment. I gather that this is all how we feel as new mums with our first child or perhaps more experienced mothers (still juggling though) with their second or third children.

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