Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sex and the city

Well I had to get your attention somehow didn’t I?

So just back from another session with Jenny, whenever she asks us at the end of the session how we are I always seem to reply with the same expressions – either ‘buggered’ or ‘knackered’ or with no words at as I am still out of breath. What would I do without my exercise, as well as keeping me fit they keep me sane with my 1 hour without my baby (Zara).

Have been tracking along well but I still feel like I have a way to go. It’s obvious that I can commit to the twice weekly training sessions but it’s the issue of diet and additional exercises that bother me. I have incorporated a weekly walk with Scott and Zara to the beach and back but other than that not much more exercise is happening. My post natal pilates is not as regular as I thought was happening and the intention of going to the gym hasn’t happened, mainly as I haven’t scheduled it in. You see after a day with zara the last thing I can think of is going to the gym.

Diet wise I have managed to reduce my intake of sugary foods like cake and biscuits, mainly by not buying them or baking anything. I still do like them and allow myself the odd treat. The key has been writing down what I eat daily so I can tally up just how many times a week my diet has strayed. I encourage you to try it, sounds like a huge task but you get in the hang of it if you leave pen and paper in a handy location.

So the week ahead is trying my best to stay on track, adding in some more exercise – and between it all packing for our move in June.

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