Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain, rain go away.......

I had the best training session the other day with Jenny and the gals. We were finally going indoors as the weather had turned too cold for the babies. I always think a change is as good as a holiday and was excited to move to a new location. The gym was set up perfectly for the children to have a secure spacious area. We utilised the main area of the gym and used the treadmills and cross trainers to get our heart beats up, and then the back of the gym for the other excercies (circuit, pelvic floor, stretches and so on). I haven’t sweated so much before, or so it seemed.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet with Jenny last week as my little one was quite tired. This has been rescheduled to next week to discuss my goals and how I am travelling in general with my weight loss/ exercise regime. It is obvious that to loose the weight I want I need to increase my daily exercise, however with an 8 month old I am struggling to work out where to fit this in as my day is already quite busy.

I’d be keen to get your ideas of when and where you exercise that works well with your baby’s schedule too.

Finally on a positive note friends and family who haven’t seen me in a while have commented on my weight loss. This has been great for my spirits but I cant stop now..... 10 kilos still to go.


Biz L said...

Hi Alison, Some ways I've been fitting in exercise with kids has been to go to the UNSW Pool which has a creche leaving Alex either asleep in the pram or awake being cared for by the lovely ladies there; I occasionally used to do the same with the creche at Fitness First when Jack was young; and finally, the minute Manel gets home from work (when he's in town!) I run out the door for a quick run and he takes over baby duties for a bit - I'm literally gone & back in no time. Hope this sparks some ideas for you!

Alison P said...

Thanks for that I had no idea that the UNSW gym had a creche so will check it out.