Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two kilo boobies!

Today I learn't the truth about my body. I was actually quite surprised as it turns out I only lost 200g of lean muscle mass during my pregnancy (I last had a Body Composition scan in September 2007) I am however carrying extra fat which I am keen to dispose of, you can see this spread around my hips in the picture of my scan that I will post to accompany those Week 1 photos. I'll run through my stats below:

Current as at 17th September 2008
Total Body weight 58.6kg
Body Fat 27.2%
Fat Mass 15.9kg
Lean Body Mass (including Bones, Blood, Muscles and Water) 42.7kg

My goal to achieve by 13th December 2008
Total Body weight is not that important to me, I am interested in my Body Composition however I will still track it.
Body Fat 20%
Fat Mass 10kg
Lean Body Mass 42.7kg or above

The stats that I am mostly interested in from here are the Body Fat % and the Fat Mass, obviously I'd like to see both these numbers decrease. I will however be keeping an eye on my Lean Body Mass, this number should not drop, I want it to stay the same or to increase. This is why including a resistance program (weights) within my training regime is so important, I want to burn fat for fuel and maintain muscle mass. Without resistance training my body would also utilise muscle mass for fuel ultimately slowing my metabolism - the complete opposite of the desired effect. So all you walkers out there - keep going its great BUT think carefully about adding some weight training into your weekly routine, not only will you speed up your metabolism but you will also be decreasing your risk of osteoporosis.

I also made a slightly interesting and amusing discovery today - not your usual focus in your Body Comp scan but Jarrod and I thought we would find out how much extra weight I am actually carrying in my newly enlarged breasts! Having began my pregnancy with a small B cup, they quickly gained a mind of their own and grew......and that point at which a month into my pregnancy and with no sign of a baby bump as yet I was asked by a couple of intrigued males if I had in fact had breast implants during my Christmas break! "I'm pregnant" I replied to their slightly reddening faces. So today I discovered my breasts alone weigh 2.3kg!!!

Next Scan date 8th October 2008 - 3 weeks from today.

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