Saturday, September 20, 2008

How's your Pelvic Floor?

What awesome weather!!! This beautiful day prompted a friend and I to grab our sons, our prams, runners, singlets and sunblock and hit Centennial Park for a jog. Almost an hour and two very sweaty mum's later we parked ourselves on the grass by the duckpond to enjoy our surroundings.

We chatted and puffed our way through various topics of conversation during our bout of exercise including one very important post pregnancy topic; Pelvic Floor.

I'm sure most people are aware how much pressure is put on your Pelvic Floor during those wonderful 9 months and how much emphasis is put into reminding you do your pelvic floor exercises both during pregnancy as soon as you are feeling up to it (down there) after the birth. But who's reminding you now? How many more things do you have to remember to get through in your day now you have your baby home than before you gave birth. Back then it was all about you and about doing all the correct exercises to keep you healthy to ensure the safe arrival of your baby. Now, its all about baby - you have to make sure you remember you. And if you intend on not leaking the contents of your bladder on occasion let alone participating in an exercise program its time to go back to basics and start working that pelvic floor. What are you waiting for?!!

I have added a helpful link if you want a more technical description of your pelvic floor and its functions, as well as a few great exercises for you to practice before hitting the pavement. Enjoy!

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