Sunday, September 14, 2008


Its been 7 weeks since first meeting our little man, we are, the three of us, settling into our new pace of life. We have been blessed with a beautiful and mostly contented little boy, though we ALL have our moments.

My mission now, like many new mums is to gradually regain the body I had 'before baby'. It is 13 weeks until we spend Christmas in Perth, this is my time frame.

I am lucky however that I know where to start. Being a Personal Trainer I have the tools and knowledge to help me on my journey. I am going to talk numbers, percentages and measurements, calories in and calories out, metabolism and muscle groups, posture and pelvic floor. I am going to share meal plans and exercise programs, my ups, my downs, good days, bad days and cheat days along with the additional challenges motherhood throws at me.

We all have our own journey, motherhood can be one of the most challenging and rewarding times of our lives. What follows is only my account, my experience, my challenge, but if I can help just one of you feel confident about yourself again, to rediscover the body you once had or even discover a whole new you I will have done what I set out to do.

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