Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its all in the Jeans

So Centennial Park greeted me this morning in a pool of sunshine - I was lucky my husband was home to enjoy time with his son while I escaped for some me time and a run that didn't have to be adapted for a stroller. Running always creates a good amount of head space and my mind began to wander........ to my wardrobe of all places..........

I don't know about you but I always feel good when I look great in that perfect pair of jeans. I realised that I have in my wardrobe, probably like most women a variety of pairs of jeans. I could very possibly open a small shop. They are not even all in the same size. We start on the right hand side with the maternity jeans, then we have the stretchy size 12's followed by the non stretchy size 12's, we then work our way all the way to the left and down to a size 7.

Now please don't think I have gone completely mad and rushed out and bought descending jean sizes in the hope of shrinking to fit into each one, in fact all those pairs of jeans at some stage of my life have been the 'perfect' fit.

From the size 12 on my 21st birthday when I was just emerging from the time in my late teens where I continued to consume the same amount of not so nutritious food that I did despite my parents best efforts throughout high school whilst simultaneously dropping the amount of physical activity I was doing to almost zero. Oh, and what about the calorie laden alcohol that I liked to consume on an empty stomach only to fill up on chips and pizza at 3am. Then don't forget the cold left overs for breakfast. No wonder the kilo's piled on!

Around that time I discovered the gym, a different gym to the one I spent hours of my earlier youth perfecting back flips, handstands and somersaults. This gym had weights, treadmills, x-trainers, you name it, it had it. Bit by bit the gym became an important part of my life. I could run when it was raining and stay perfectly dry, I learnt to lift weights until my legs wobbled and I struggled to dry my hair the next day because my muscles were so tired and sore - it felt fantastic, I hadn't trained that hard since my gymnastics days. And there began my journey from my size 12 jeans to my size 7's. I should mention I also had a good hard look at my eating habits - deciding to drop the big pasta dishes and the nightly bowl of ice-cream with mint flavored ice magic!!!

Lucky for me I had the foresight to keep hold of those pairs of jeans (I hate to throw out clothes "just in case"). I haven't yo yo-ed in size it was more of a gradual decline and now I have the perfect visual tool to share with you!

I have already felt the excitement of a pair of jeans not fitting one week and miraculously fitting the next in the few weeks after Marley's birth - I can't wait to show off my next 'new' pair of jeans soon - I'll keep you posted on how I'm going. Maybe this calls for some more photos!!!!

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