Sunday, February 12, 2012

Travel your own journey

I've been thinking today about what it is we are trying to achieve.  I guess the word 'we' is where maybe, we, go wrong.  It is great to be part of a team and I often refer to the 'we' when talking about myself and Body Beyond Baby - I see everyone that has any influence or involvement with BBB as part of that 'we'.  This, I believe, is a good use of the term 'we'.  We are all mums, we are all trying to do our best and we are all there to support each other.  It is when the term 'we' becomes generalised in other contexts that it actually adds pressure and can be detrimental - this is a time that 'we' need to forget about everyone else (the 'we') and concentrate on 'me' or 'I'.

Body Beyond Baby kicked off it's second 8 week challenge a week ago and it is always a really great time for me; existing BBB mums find a new motivation and will to succeed and new BBB mums come and join us to begin their journey.  It is harder for some than others and I feel so proud when I see someone that maybe out of their comfort zone or that is going through a challenging time come along week after week, travel their own journey and come out fitter, stronger and more confident in the end.  This is a time when 'we' each need to play the 'I' game.  'We' need not compare ourselves against each other to the detriment of our self esteem.  'I' need to know my own goals, my limits and my potential and work with the group to achieve that.

There is no right and wrong with what we can achieve and what we strive for.  One person's aspirations may not align with the next.  One person's expectations may not match up to another but no one is right or wrong.  In this world there are so many images of what 'we' should look like, so many opinions of the things that 'we' should achieve in life and that pressure is hard - to feel like you are pretty enough, successful enough, thin enough, tall enough, smart enough, capable enough is a huge weight to carry around and as women I think we cop it particularly hard.

On the flip side I truly believe that if you are a person who strives to be the best at everything you do or at a particular thing that you do you should never be made to feel guilty about wanting to achieve those things.  Yes, we are women, yes, we have children and yes, we are dam capable of achieving anything we set our minds to whether that be seemingly simple or seemingly impossible to another person.  You should never be afraid of setting the bar too high either.

Today, I'd like you to think about you - to switch off from all of those influences around us telling us what 'we' should achieve.  Start to think about 'YOU' about 'I' and what would make you happy.  What do you want to be?  Who do you want to be?  What to do want to look like?  What would you like to be able to do? and how much time and commitment would you like to put into achieving those things?  Have the honest conversation with yourself, know where you would like to get to (or not) and set your mind to that course.  Join the positive 'we' to get you there and avoid the generalised 'we' that society creates - focus on the 'I' the 'YOU' and enjoy the ride.

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