Monday, February 6, 2012

Find Your Summer Body 2 - Week 1, Day 1

I am so excited that we kicked off round 2 of our Find Your Summer Body - 8 Week Challenge this morning.  It is always so exciting for me to see everyone so pumped and ready to go.  Our fitness testing and measurements was completed on Saturday and it's really great to know that we have recorded where you are right now.  Only too often I see people look back and not quite know what they have achieved because the proper testing wasn't done at the beginning.  Yes your clothes will get looser and yes, you will be stronger but HOW much has your body changed and HOW much stronger are you?  What can you do now that you couldn't do before?  You guys know that now and for those of you reading this that aren't part of our challenge I recommend you get those measurements - if you are working with a trainer that hasn't done it give them a kick up the bum and ask them how you will be able to SEE your improvements.

I will be joining you all on my own little journey - there are a few new goals I would like to achieve - I plan to go back to gymnastics tomorrow night, something I have been planning and thinking about doing for a while now but the babysitter is in place and I have made the commitment - I am nervous and excited!  I will bring you snippets of what I am doing and we will be welcoming some Round 2 challenge mums to share their journey with you.

The key to making these next 8 weeks the best they can be is preparation, consistency and commitment.  Don't allow yourself to fall of f the wagon, put yourself out of your comfort zone, put YOU first - it's mummy's time - allow yourself the space and time you need to get this right.  You will soon see what you can achieve and how you can make exercise and healthy living a way of life - it just takes a little creativity and planning.  Sometimes it won't be easy but I know if you make it happen you WILL feel (and look) better for it.  I will leave you with this thought:

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