Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caroline - Find Your Summer Body 2 - Week 3

Body Beyond Baby Hill Session
Week 3 and I’m hooked.  I’ve turned into somebody I never thought I would be... the training (and the results I’m seeing already) has become addictive.  I’m feeling like I will make the distance and the half way mark is fast approaching. 

I trained four times last week and each session was at a different location.  I was cautious of ‘the hill’ on Monday and certainly worked my butt off.  From the hill, you get a great view of the comings and goings around the park, a great distraction from the hill itself.  Friday was on the oval and we all know how beautiful it is to train in such an open space.  Saturday’s session was (as usual) tucked under the trees, with the early morning sunshine to make it a magical session.  Then of course, there’s the steps.  Although I fantasise about seeing dolphins, the true enjoyment of the view is when you have finished.  The best spot in the world to stretch (and feel a little smug you have done the steps again).  No dolphins this week, but maybe next time!  

As I say to Hazel daily (with an English mother and very real risk of growing up in some cold, wet town with no beaches nor sunshine), “You don’t know how lucky you are”.  I say the same to myself too.

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