Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing Foodlog - online nutritional tracking

I'd also like to introduce you to Foodlog - if you followed Round 1 of our Find Your Summer Body challenge you will have heard of Foodlog before and what a great tool it was for becoming accountable with food intake and keeping us on track to reach our goals.  Here is a little more information about Foodlog and how it might be able to help yo uin your weight loss and health goals.

Tell us a little bit about Foodlog

Foodlog is an online tool that you can use to manage your food and nutrition.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to log what you eat and the exercise you do. Our by making the food search is very dynamic, we introduced ‘favorites’ for the foods you eat regularly and pre-loaded hundreds of recipes so you don’t have to key in the ingredients yourself.

Foodlog was developed by two ordinary guys.  We are passionate about making your experience with Foodlog as smooth as possible and we are always available to help if you have any questions about how Foodlog works. We are always looking for constructive feedback so feel free to write us at any time with comments.

Why do people using Foodlog get better results than those that don’t track their food intake?

It is generally acknowledged amongst health professionals that nutrition constitute 70-80 % of losing weight, whereas exercise is 20-30 %. What you put in your mouth has real impact on whether you are successful or not with your weight loss and becoming fit.

By keeping track of what you eat, you become more disciplined about what you put in your mouth. Studies show that people who keep a food diary lose more than double the weight that people who do not log what they eat.

You educate yourself about the foods you eat when you log – as you immediately can see the nutrition impact of a Tim tam or an apple. Education makes the weight loss more sustainable as you are much less likely to relapse into your bad habits when you know the exact impact it has nutritionally.

Why is Foodlog different and better than other food logging websites?

We are 100 % Australian. We only have Australian food in our database and have 25,000 branded and non-branded foods.

We are also more than just a food diary and calorie counter. It is possible to track other nutrients as well. For instance, the Australian Government recommends women should get 1000 mg of calcium per day to prevent osteoporosis – but most women don’t know whether they are getting enough calcium or not. Foodlog can be used to manage nutrients such as calcium but also dietary fiber (to improve IBS) or sodium (to prevent cardio vascular disease).

We will be the first Australian smartphone App for food logging. There are several US based apps in the market, but they lack Australian Foods and more importantly, the nutrition data quality is not up to standard.

Lastly, Foodlog can be used as a platform between the user (you) and a health professional – such as dieticians, nutritionists or personal trainers with specialty in nutrition. This enables you to get personal feedback and recommendations on your eating habits from a professional without having to see the health professional face-to-face.

What would be your key piece of advice to someone looking to change their lifestyle, lose weight and get fit?

Only try to change your lifestyle if you are truly serious about it. Don’t waste your time, money and effort if you are going half-heatedly into it.  It does take true commitment, it will be tough but if you use the right tools available, you will succeed.

Foodlog offers a free trial of their software - click on the banner below to check out their website

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