Thursday, January 19, 2012

FYSB Before and After - Nicole

Nicole came to us with a large separation and little abdominal strength - as well as losing body fat you can see from these before and after images that all her effort and Transverse abdominal retraining has dramatically helped to reduce her 'mummy tummy'.

Testament to this is that at the start of the challenge Nicole could do her prone hold on her knees only and we really had to watch and feel what was happening to her stomach during this exercise. A prone hold can be a very strong and difficult exercise for those with abdominal separation - you must be very aware of how to properly recruit your TVA and not allow any 'bulge' or 'peaking' through the gap.  If you are unsure or it doesn't feel right please go back to basics and train to your weakest link.

Congratulations Nicole on achieving these great before and after shots AND a prone hold of 2'45" on your toes at the end of the 8 weeks.  Keep up your fantastic work.

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mamamia said...

fantastic effort Nicole!