Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Body Beyond Baby Full Body Wake-up Workout

We are three days into the new year - have you trained since 2012 rolled on in?  If not now is the time to get back into it - wake up from your post Christmas and New Years overload and start the year how you mean to go on.  Here is a simple yet effective workout that will work your whole body, burn fat and build muscle tone for you to start with.

I have included three levels of difficulty so choose what is right for you and then work up to the more challenging levels as you get fitter and stronger.  Remember to always train to your weakest link and listen to your body.  Know when to push through and know when to rest AND know when to get advice from a health professional.

Ideally you will need an elastic for this workout however you can do the sumo's with no elastic and substitute a lying cobra and an extra set of squats for the squat rows if you don't have one.

You have a certain number of reps of each exercise to complete depending upon your level.
Perform each exercise in a circuit format, one after the other until you fatigue in each exercise - record how many of each exercise you do before moving onto the next.

i.e - round one - 11 x Sumos, 10 x push-up thrusts, 15 x Squat Row, 7 Triceps dips, 5 burpees - you then go back to the beginning for round to an pick up where you left off, same for round 3 etc... until you complete the number of reps from your level.

Level 1 (beginner) - perform 30 reps of each exercise in total
Level 2 (intermediate) - perform 60 reps of each exercise in total
Level 3 (advanced) - perform 100 reps of each exercise in total

If you keep hold of how many rounds it took you to complete this workout today you can then challenge yourself to do more reps and less rounds next time.

Sumo Squat 

Push up Thrust

Squat Row

Triceps Dips

Choose your level of burpee



mamamia said...

thanks for the motivation, I can do this!
My original plan was to go paddling on the river for an hour on my waveski, but I'm having trouble factoring that into my day, but this I CAN do! :)

mamamia said...

Well, I aimed for the beginner level of 30 reps, but only made it through the sequence twice, lol! I did it with the kids and we had a ball though!
Will do it again tomorrow and see how we do then. :)

Jas said...

Thanks Jen. Just what I needed today. Got through the beginners level and hope to pick things up in a few days. Cheers!

Jen Dugard said...

Well done ladies - what a great start to your 2012. Keep upping the anti as you get fitter and stronger, you guys will be pumping out the advanced session in no time

Keep it up!