Friday, April 29, 2011

Cardio blast

How are you all feeling? Are you almost back into your regular routine and detoxed from all the chocolate you ate over the last few days??? Coming back down to reality can be a bit of a bump especially when you are coming down off a huge sugar high too...

I'm interrupting my suspension training vids with a do-at-home cardio blast which is short, sharp and intense - get your heart rate up and get your metabolism burning. As mums you have to make the most out of every second of your workout time so make sure you ALWAYS work up a sweat, you never get this workout or the time you spend doing it back so make the most of it and reap the rewards.

At warm up pace  working at about 7 out of 10
(1 being doing nothing, 10 being working as hard as you possibly can)
2 min warm up jog
30 secs high knees
30 sec bum kicks
30 sec high knees
30 sec bum kicks

20m sprints jog back x 5
Box jumps (or jump onto a step) jump up with two feet then step down x 15
Mountain climbers x 25 each leg

ALSO complete 60 burpees however you can throughout the session. i.e.all at once OR in sets spread throughout

Enjoy ladies

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