Thursday, April 7, 2011

Legs that Lunge (and buns that show it)

We all want buns of steel and lunges are great for toning your behind.  Here's your second workout for this week - we will be making the most of those elastics for your lunge (as per picture to the left)

Warm up squats x 15 (no elastic)
Static lunge x12each leg (using elastic)
Push up into side prone x 12 (6 each side)
x 2 sets

Use a stop watch for 2 minutes cardio of your choice e.g. shuttle runs, steps ups, burpees, mountain climbers, stair climbs, skipping (if you are SURE you have no pelvic floor weakness) feel free to mix it up if you like.

Walking lunge x 10 each leg (no elastic)
Row x 12 (using elastic, standing is best but if your only anchor point is donw low you can do a seated one)
x 2 sets

2 minutes cardio of your choice

Box lunge (as per picture to right) x 12
Triceps dips x 12
x 2 sets

2 minutes cardio of your choice

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