Friday, October 8, 2010

Todays workout

I was up early today and off to the gym - I decided a couple of weeks ago to get myself a trainer.  Not so much for the knowledge side of things (though  we can all learn something new from fellow trainers) but because I think everyone needs a cheers squad from time to time and being a mum, just like you sometimes I struggle to stick to my plans and if I have a date to be somewhere I will be there.  I also enjoy being pushed and not to have to think about my workouts now and then
Troy takes from the CrossFit philosophy so sessions are tough, challenging and intense.  You can see this mornings workout above and me looking very hot and sweaty post workout below.

So, how hard do you work in your sessions?  Yes, as new mums and referring back to my previous post we must know our limits and we must take the time to rebuild our bodies but we are also capable of so much.  We can work hard to achieve the body we want and you shouldn't be afraid of a little hard work.  After all if you can get through sleepless nights, tired days and crying children you can push through a 30 minute workout and reap the rewards of doing it on a regular basis.  And what I mentioned before about a cheer squad and a time and a date to be somewhere it is so worth while - if you are struggling to stick to your workout at least organise a time to meet with a friend and go for a walk or do a workout in the park or at the gym.  Team up with a group (come and join our Body Beyond Baby sessions) or find someone on your area that might offer a nanny service so baby can tag along to make your life easier.  Do what you must for YOU and join me to achieve your best post baby body.

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