Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday measurements

Monday has rolled on around again and it's been a week since I kicked off my journey and I know for a fact that I have slipped up on some of those very simple things that I often talk about really need to keep in check.  We have had a weekend of social engagements along with it being a long weekend and I don't know about the rest of you but it's very easy for the weekend to become longer than the actual week - think Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday all somehow roll into the weekend so its okay to give yourself a break and ease up a little.  Hmmm so all that good work you have done from Monday gets left behind in a snowball of treat meals and snacks.  This has been my problem this week - two lunches and a birthday party haven't exactly been helpful in reaching my goals.

Let's check in with this weeks measurements:

4th October 2010
Weight = 62kg ????? - no idea and this is why I am not the hugest fan on the 'at home' scales
Chest = 99.6cm - this will go up and down given I am breastfeeding
Waist (the smallest part) = 77cm
UM (the bit around the belly button and where we store lots of fat) = 88cm
Hips = 99cm
Right Thigh = 53.5cm
Left Thigh = 54.1cm

27th September 2010
Weight = 60.1kg
Chest = 97.8cm
Waist (the smallest part) = 77.3cm
UM (the bit around the belly button and where we store lots of fat) = 89.3cm
Hips = 99.2cm
Right Thigh = 54.1cm
Left Thigh = 54.7cm

So there have been a few little changes in terms of measurements and a weight gain in terms of the scales - it is disheartening seeing the number on the scales go up instead of going down but I will put this out of my mind and its also a good example of why I encourage you to use other forms of measuring your progress rather than just relying on your scales.

Now in terms of staying on track this week - the training is not a problem, I have been to the gym and done my cardio but I know that due to lack of food preparation and allowing my weekend to take over my week I have not made as much progress as I could have done and that all my hard work exercising has been undone by my lack of discipline.  These are both things that I know happen easily and happen to many people and I also know what to do about it!  I am going to sit down this evening and plan my food for the rest of the week and I am going to ensure that one 'treat' on the weekend doesn't end up being one treat per day AND remind myself that the weekend starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday - very simple stuff yet very effective when you abide by it.

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