Thursday, February 26, 2009

#6. Sugar + Alcohol = FAT

Firstly, its great to have Bec back on board - she has been working hard and take it from me is looking fantastic! Can't wait to post her 'after' pics for all to see. Keep up the hard work Bec - like you say it is all worth it and you will be back on the healthy living track for a long time after the wedding is over.

Now, some foods contain what I like to refer to as 'empty calories'. Two of the number one culprits leading to empty calorie consumption would be sugar and alcohol. When I say empty calories I mean that they offer absolutely no nutritional value to your body at all. In fact 1g of alcohol contains 7 calories so you can imagine how many additional calories those couple of glasses of wine (and the rest) are adding of an evening. Add to that any sugary treats you may consume during the day and you may have blown your calorie quota for the day out of the water at lunch time!

Try and limit the amount of alcohol you drink of an evening, allow your body at least 2-3 nights off and chose a specific time that you would like to indulge in your favorite sweet treat. Make sure its one that is worth while for you and will leave you feeling satisfied. Thoroughly enjoy it and then reach for healthy natural alternatives on a day to day basis.

Your children

Their tastes are guided by what you introduce them to in their early days, give them lots of sugary treats and that is what they will become accustomed to and will prefer to eat. Young children and babies don't know what lollies, chocolate and cake are so why introduce them to them when a healthy piece of fruit will serve as a great nutritious desert or snack instead.

Soon enough your children will discover sugar for themselves and then you can introduce them to your healthy approach; sweet things are treats and mummy and daddy have a treat once or twice a week on a certain day/time - maybe Friday evening is family movie night, homemade pizza and treat night. Mummy and daddy chose a sweet treat and so does little Jack or Jill.

Do your best not to offer food as reward and to avoid making sweets and sugar loaded deserts part of your everyday diet.

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