Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bec’s regretting alcohol

Hmmm, like the hang over wasn’t enough to remind me why I don’t drink. Then I come on and read Jen’s post about ‘empty calories’! I consumed more than my share of empty calories on the Saturday as I celebrated my last days as a Miss. If being a Mrs. means I never have to feel that way again, I have even more reason to look forward to the big day.

So as you can imagine the weekend wasn’t a great aid in my final bid to lose the last kilos. The only upside is that I felt so unhealthy I only want to put the healthiest and most pure foods I can find in my body to help it get back to feeling as great as I did a week ago. Feeling hung-over and unhealthy was actually a really good reminder about the real benefits of exercising and eating well. I fully appreciate now that taking care of myself makes me feel better, makes me more energetic, and definitely makes me a better Mum.

In a bid to remove the guilt, and any extra calories from the weekend I’ve been adding an hour walk to each day’s exercise on top of what I usually do. When I think about it I usually take Hugo out for a few short walks a day so all I’ve had to do is get out early and walk a bit longer to make sure I get a steady paced aerobic work out.

I’ll let you know if it helps!

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